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I want you to know that Mary Cheffer is absolutely modest inclusive! Regardless of your faith.

That being said, Mary Cheffer is an online-only store, and we offer fabulous trendy Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, and Shoes. We’re adding on with our new skincare line, home decor, and lifestyle-specific items. 

We are also interested in doing our part in saving our planet. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental waste. Our everyday fashion choices and practices can help eliminate the fashion industry’s large role in the climate crisis. 

Preordering is a way to help eliminate merchandise waste. We partner with manufacturers who store the items we sell and we purchase and process your specific choice of fashion interests and will add only a personally selected inventory of on-hand items. Learn more.

Our genre is Modest Fashion! Great-looking modest fashion is my passion and my goal for this shop. If you have been on the hunt for modern, stylish, clothing that allows for your level of modesty, look no further.

Every item in my shop has been specially curated with you in mind. I wear and carry many of the fabulous items you’ll find in my shop. I hope many of the items we provide will find a loving home in your wardrobe too!

We understand that modesty is individual and personal. We want you to be yourself in the most comfortable way possible. And that means covering what you want to cover. From head to toe, Mary Cheffer has you covered.

I’m so grateful that modesty in fashion is emerging as a distinct category that is so desperately needed to address the professional, body-conscious, and devout women’s wish to dress in today’s styles and still maintain their modesty.

Because of my own beliefs and convictions, I searched for modest clothing but found the options available were disappointingly limited. I found some great Islamic styles that are fabulous but far too many were kind of cookie-cutter, same style but different colors. I wanted more.

I found out some of my Muslim sisters felt the same way. And because I’m not Muslim, I wanted to accentuate my Hebrew heritage in a modest, trendy and set apart way.

Our common wish to feel beautiful and look stylish, yet modest was the catalyst for redesigning and redirecting Mary Cheffer to cater to women like us.

Here’s where I will repeat my opening statement. Mary Cheffer is absolutely modest inclusive! I’m here for all my modest sisters who want their fashion to be trendy, comfortable, modest, and attractive.

I’m also about making it easy for you to buy your favorite styles and pay in the most flexible ways possible. As always you can shop securely and check out using credit cards or PayPal or you can opt for our buy now and pay later method using the popular payment option powered by Sezzle. Learn more about Sezzle. Shop Now.

Here’s a bit more on securely using credit cards during checkout. All major credit cards are accepted, including the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

We offer easy checkout with Stripe or PayPal. Please remember, you’re not required to have a PayPal account in order to checkout with PayPal! Which ever option you choose, we’ve made it easy for you. You can make your purchases securely with either process. Remember, you can always try our buy now, pay later option!

Happy shopping my dears! I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us today and always!

Be sure to visit our Instagram Account for new looks, modest hacks for not so modest items, and see some of the latest modest fashion trends!

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Last Update: 05.11.2021